Courage to Be Happy: 31 Day Journal

Courage to Be Happy: 30 Day Journal
By Mr Juneous Alexander Pettijohn

Journals can help you release stress, develop forgiveness, embrace your past, adore your future, and explore aspects of your creativity that you never knew existed. Courage to be Happy: 30 Day Journal consists of a set of prompts which takes the guess work out of knowing what to write. This is a tool is designed to help you to get started to on the path to lifelong journaling. Below is a snapshot of the benefits of journaling.

Take a look at how journaling helps you:

  • Improve your relationship
  • Reconcile with your past
  • Dignify of life events
  • Accept your experience with honesty, trust and without judgment
  • Build self-confidence and self-knowledge
  • Record the past
  • Bring out your natural beauty and wisdom
  • Feel better about yourself
  • Reveal the fun, playful, and sometimes humorous side of life
  • Balance and harmonize
  • Plant seeds
  • Make effective decisions
  • Relieve Stress