Monthly Journaling Program

A journal is an inward focused reflection where you can explore parts of yourself and where those parts can answer back.  Journaling is an incredible way to relieve stress because it gives you and outlet for your emotions, thoughts, and anxieties, and space that allows you to express yourself honestly and completely without worry about anyone else’s judgment, nagging, or criticism.

William James, a well-known psychologist and philosopher, once said, “If you can change your mind, you can change your life.” Journaling provides a constant reminder that we are in control of our own lives.  Sometimes, life happens so fast that sometimes we don’t take the time to pause and reflect. 

Journaling allows us to see how we’ve changed over time. It provides us with a record of mistakes we’ve made the things we’ve learned from those mistakes.  It celebrates our accomplishments and reminds us how hard we worked to achieve our goals. As long as we journal, no matter where we go in life, we know that we will grow, because we will reflect and learn and avoid past mistakes and replicate behaviors that have lead us to success.

 The benefits of journaling include:

  • Improve your relationship
  • Reconcile with your past
  • Dignify of life events
  • Accept your experience with honesty, trust and without judgment
  • Build self-confidence and self-knowledge
  • Record the past
  • Bring out your natural beauty and wisdom
  • Feel better about yourself
  • Reveal the fun, playful, and sometimes humorous side of life
  • Balance and harmonize
  • Plant seeds
  • Make effective decisions

Program Description

Program sessions are private with Juneous Pettijohn, founder of CALMFIDENCE.  He tailors the program to your health wellbeing and journaling goals and needs. Juneous will guide you every step of the way through Skype or phone sessions and email to ensure that you feel empowered to heal or achieve whatever it is you are seeking through journaling.  The Monthly Journaling Program is broken down in two packages below. 

Bronze Packet 

  • Program Packet 
  • 1 Prompt per month (given at beginning of month to work on gradually through month)
  • 1 Monthly coaching session (45 Minutes)

Monthly Auto-renewal $47; One Month Only $57 

Silver Packet

  • Program Packet
  • 2 Prompts Per Month (1 Every 2 Weeks)
  • 1 Monthly Skype Session (45 Minutes)
  • 1 Monthly Coaching Session (30 Minutes)

Monthly auto-renewal $77; One Month Only $87



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