Does this sound like you?:

    • You are overwhelmed with responsibilities.
    • You need help staying focused and to not stop
    • You are not quite sure where to start or what steps to take.
    • You need help to remain dedicated
    • You do not believe that you are able to achieve your personal goals

    For every problem, you must change your mindset in order to reach your solution.

    Courage to be Happy Coaching  is your deep dive solution to give you the courage to be happier by eliminating the negative stress that is causing anxiety and despair in your life.   You will be empowered with mindfulness meditation, yoga, journaling tools that will help you to live a happier and healthier life.  The only thing is expected of you is your commitment to doing the work without excuses. 

    The coaching program works for people who:

    • Are ready and committed to taking the necessary steps to make changes in your life.
    • Understand that the changes you crave for your life will only happen if and when you take action.
    • Genuinely want someone to help you with managing your stress.
    • Are honest and open-minded enough to partner with a coach to discuss and explore your life for the purpose of making the changes you want in order to live your life as you always dreamed.

    This program will not work for people who:

    • If you are unwilling to take guidance from a wellness coach
    • You are unable to follow through with wellness exercises and home work assignments
    • You have no desire to learn new wellness techniques, including meditation, and yoga
    • You don't believe in the connection between the mind, body and spirit
    • You are unwilling to let go of patterns of behavior that are blocking you from realizing greater wellness
    • If you feel emotionally unable to address fear, trauma and or emotional distress
    • If you are not willing to invest in your health

    While participating in the program you will discover:

    • How to adopt healthy ways to cope with stress?
    • How to incorporate mindfulness techniques for daily living?
    • How to maintain boundaries and learn to say no?

    The benefits of participating in Courage to be Happy Coaching includes:

    • Reducing Stress
    • Increases Concentration
    • Decreases High Blood Pressure
    • Helps Normalizes Blood Pressure
    • Decreases Depression and Anxiety
    • Builds Self-Confidence
    • Healing
    • Easing Problem Solving
    • Creating Ease and Problem Solving
    • Capturing Your Life Story

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    The Problem

    My belief is that when you are experiencing stress, it is a result of experiencing a certain level of unhappiness. The causes of someone’s unhappiness can include lack of confidence, lack of direction, loss of loved ones, low self-esteem, having a sense of being over-committed or living with high levels of fear. These stressful situations often lead to anxiety, panic attacks, depression, etc. Stress is the root cause of every state of ill-health and affects every part of our being; psychologically, emotionally and physically. To make a long story short, if stress is not managed, it can eventually kill you.

    But not all stress is bad! Stress becomes a problem when it negatively affects you and you are doing nothing about it.

    Stress comes from the Latin word meaning “to be drawn tight.” By paying attention to your physical and emotional / psychological responses to various situations, you can determine where you are being “drawn” into a tight or constricted state and the effect it is having on your body.

    The effects of stress include:


    1. Digestive disorders
    2. Ulcers
    3. Heartburn
    4. Indigestion
    5. Headaches
    6. High blood pressure
    7. Palpitations
    8. Breathing problems
    9. Overeating
    10. Exhaustion and insomnia
    11. Back or muscle aches
    12. Skin rashes (hives or eczema)
    13. Excessive sweating
    14. Nervous disorders (twitching, grinding teeth, or picking at skin)
    15. Immune system issues (can be directly or indirectly caused by stress)


    1. Ease of overreactions
    2. Loss of clear perspective on priorities
    3. Disorganization
    4. Loss of control
    5. Irritability
    6. Anxiety
    7. Panic attacks
    8. Frustration