Did you know that you have a story to tell? Well I want to tell you that you have a story to tell and it is your story that shapes who you are.
— Juneous Pettijohn, Founder and Courage Advocate

Who Am I ?

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On July 31, 2008, my moment of freedom happened when I walked into a gym in Northwest, Washington, DC and turned in the last of my paperwork required to be a registered yoga teacher. On this particularly hot day in July, I wiped away all of the nonsense that I was placing upon myself. I immediately felt the weight of the world disappear off my shoulders and experience the emotional and personal freedom of having anything to do. On that hot day in July, when I finally said not, that is when my life truly begin

The reason why I was embarrassed because I was a product of the foster care system. In fact I did two stints. In between my two foster care stints, I was adopted by the not so kind people.

During my first foster care stint, my first foster parent only cared about getting her check, her snuff, and watching the daytime Soap opera General Hospital. As long as she was getting what she wanted

The common theme that arose during my time in foster care and being adopted was that I was treated like the invisible man and left to figure out things for myself.

I share this brief story to empower you to get in touch with your story. It is your story that shapes who you are and plays a vital role in how you handle various situations.

I want to work with you

I want to give you the courage to be happy by empowering you with yoga, mindfulness meditation, and journaling tools that will help you to get in touch with your story.


Juneous A. Pettijohn


I was featured on  "Real Talk with Omekongo Dibinga" this show back in 2011.  I have been on a journey since July 31, 2008.  

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